Renting A Property In Dubai: A Step By Step Guide

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Renting a property in Dubai is a straightforward process when you know the steps to follow. Here’s a concise guide to help you navigate the rental process with ease:

1. Viewing the Property:

Start by visiting the property you’re interested in. Make sure it aligns with your requirements and preferences.

2. Landlord’s Approval:

The landlord will review your offer. If approved, you’ll proceed to the next steps.

3. Security Deposit:

If you like the property, put down a security deposit

5% of the annual rent if the property is unfurnished.

10% of the annual rent if the property is furnished.

The security deposit should be in the name of the landlord and dated for the current transaction.

4. Documentation Submission:

Provide your Emirates ID, visa, passport copy, and email address to the real estate broker. They will use this information to prepare the lease agreement.

5. Unified Lease Agreement:

Dubai uses a unified lease agreement, which can be signed electronically. Ensure your signature matches the one on your Emirates ID.

6. Payment of Rent:

Submit all rental checks in the name of the landlord as specified in the lease agreement.

7. Brokerage Commission:

Pay the broker’s commission, typically 5% of the annual rent plus VAT. Make this payment via a check in the name of the brokerage company. Avoid making cash payments to the broker; it is not legal.


Before you accept the property, please make sure to carry out a snagging inspection. This ensures that any issues or discrepancies are addressed by the landlord before the handover, leaving you with a well-maintained property.

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